Since 1992, 25 years of forging

science, intuition & sensation

"Tailored for the connoisseur of massage, the Wakefield Method is a series of MindBody Sessions that transcend Human Experience."
Alena Taylor, Whole Life Expo


I promise you "If our session is not one of the
Best Massage Experiences of your Life, the session is Free ..." 



Welcome to the next frontier in MindBody work,

Imagine for a few moments ... a truly remarkable sensory experience beyond any touch you have ever received before.


An overwhelming envelope of luxury & power that takes you to a far deeper, more pleasurable, super transcendent state of being than you ever thought possible.

Powerful, long strokes of penetrating pressure are seamlessly interwoven with fluid, elongating stretches that lengthen muscle & connective tissue from every angle.


This unique focus of irregular stress, release & passive stretching dramatically increase your flexibility & range of motion, creating a durable "feeling of space & freedom" as you finally overcome the deadening forces of gravity.

Sensitive yet profoundly deeper touch that engages you at the celllular level, hyperstimulating positive, long lasting changes physically, mentally & for some, spiritually.


The Wakefield Method is performed without chatter, upon a background of intelligent music with each session a completely tailored experience that is different for each individual, each appointment.

Mark Blu Wakefield, "The Doc"
Massage Physiologist, March 2004

PS. The Wakefield Method of MindBodyWork now has applications for everyone.


For 25 years I developed, refined & perfected this pedigree primarily with elite athletes, dancers, yogis & connoisseurs of touch worldwide. However the last 5 years the Practice has opened to also include clients affected by serious Medical Conditions with results that are measurable & significantly positive.



Sessions are performed without chatter*, allowing you to fully connect with your physical being disconnecting from the Mental Stresses of Daily Life. *or upon a background of relaxing music. 

Expect a deep, penetrating style of touch that goes beyond "deep tissue" and yet feels luxurious & healing at the same time without the counter intuitive pain normally associated with Deep Tissue.


Elongating stretches are folded "into" the movements, dramatically enhancing range of motion & imprinting a remarkable sense of physical freedom. 

Below are just some of the broad categories people ask for:

  • Pallitative Touch Therapy for Terminal Patients

  • Immune System Stimulation for Patients refusing a Terminal Diagnosis

  • Medical Conditions such as Parkinsons, MS, MD, Pelvic Floor Disorders, Head Injuries, etc 

  • Psychological Challenges, Anxiety, Depression, Somatic Body Disorders, Stomach & Digestive Issues, Headaches, etc 

  • Chronic Injury Reversal and Rehabilitation

  • High Performance Athletic Support & Preparation

  • Luxury*

  • Trancendence**

* ** Beginning here there is a departure from a purely Physiologic focus with some communication, to utter silence & for the connected individual, transportation into realms of Superfluity & Inner Euphoria rarely experienced on a Massage Table ...



I live here in Los Angeles, close to the beach with the majority of my clients centered in the

Hollywood Hills & yet I am always looking to stay busy helping people & do travel to outlying areas.


I am available SEVEN DAYS per week, DAY or EVENING, ALL Reasonable hours.

All appointments are House Calls only.

However I do have a Peer in Woodland Hills where I will see the occasional client  

but mostly where we work with Couples Massage in a serene, Zen like Oasis in the Hills.

If you are looking for a Female Therapist, my Partner has a remarkable quality of Touch & works out of her  

home in the same studio, her Specialty is focusing on Woman's Health & Cancer .

Fee $125



OpenHand Bodyguard

As of October 2016, I no longer accept any overseas work & my contracts here are limited.

All enquiries must be vetted through Attorney Robert Goldberg at (949) 274-0646 

Here is my schedule for Personal Protection & specific, not negotiable working requirements. Understand that as a OpenHand-BodyGuard I do not, carry Firearm Protection of any kind. 

My clients range from high visibility individuals to private people & their families, whom have incurred a threat that has proven unassailable by conventional means*. 

I am not a preventer, nor do I provide constant close protection, my specialty is Interventional Security, I excel in solving people problems.

In essence, I am a Fixer ...

My clients demand a low profile & therefore utility of the "giant" bodyguard, with or without a firearm, is unacceptable in terms of discretion & open-ended risks.

I always work alone, with unfettered communication from the principal(s). My specialty is Threat Elimination, Single or Multiple Targets. 

I dissolve each threat in a style that is both personal & unambiguous in its communication. My low key, subtle personal appearance and worldwide experience allow me to blend in to almost all situations, allowing benign coverage but with overwhelming results that are intelligent & discreet.

Because I work alone, I'm generally not interested in Close Protection or any Public Detail. Should we need an outer fold of associates, armed or not, I am always the Team Leader. My role is always protection of Principal(s), with Associates responsible for maintaining Peripheral Integrity. 

As additional support to supplement your Network of Target Locators, Witness Personnel & Legal, my Command Vehicle contains the very latest in Encrypted Wireless Technology to simultaneously record & upload all Contact Transactions in real time, providing all the substrate necessary for Clarification (typical in such Complicated Human Interactions), may the need arise. 

I am cleared at both the US State and Federal SRII Level. I possess two passports, New Zealand & United States & maintain a current FM3 for Mexico. I am fluent in English & Spanish, conversant in Japanese & have an initial working knowledge of Vietnamese, Korean, Mandarin & Cantonese.

Hourly Fee of $775-900 plus Expenses, Cash Envelope Only, with a Minimum Contract of 6/Six Hours*.

* Regardless of any financial remuneration, I am not interested in conditions, that are, or could be, considered ExtraLegal within the USA, it's territories, or by any host country of operation.

Marc Wakefield The Fixer
Marc Wakefield The Fixer Bodyguard Services Los Angeles
Marc Wakefield The Fixer Bodyguard Services Los Angeles
Marc Wakefield The Fixer Bodyguard Services Los Angeles
Marc Wakefield The Fixer Bodyguard Services Los Angeles
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PS. First time visitors to this site who don't know me personally, are perplexed by the dichotomy of my being both a Healer & an Openhand Bodyguard.
I offer a quote from Saint Francis De Sales (1567-1622)
"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength ..."


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